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“Fostering a website
towards it's ideal state”

Each month, we support businesses with three services that help them make the best of the internet.


Team-based website management and consulting services that get results

To achieve growth in today’s customer-centered market, it is essential to have not just a “ground war” consisting of business activities carried out by one’s workforce but also an “air war” making full use of the internet. In conventional advertising theories, consumers are assumed to have low access to information, making marketing exceedingly simple. With the debut of smartphones and the acceleration in the rates of usage of the internet, however, better and better strategies are needed than ever before to secure the choices of consumers.

About Our Services

By performing three services each month,
we achieve website growth that supports a business.

  • アクセス解析
    Access AnalysisDATA ANALYTICS

    Each month, we create an access report for your homepage to identify new challenges that lie in the data.

  • 会議

    We decide upon proposed measures with our clients through discussions of issues with their sites.

  • サイト改善
    Site ImprovementIMPROVEMENT

    Our development team implements the measures decided upon at meetings for systems design.

IPNIR guides you toward a homepage that produces results.

Through incremented improvements each month, your homepage will continue to grow. Furthermore, by continuing access analysis, you can not only get results on the web, but also link trends between access numbers and sales, making it easier to formulate strategies for your brick-and-mortar operations.


Our access reports analyze information that can lead to site improvements, such as interest by first-time users and repeat customers, proportion of visits by mobile users versus desktop users, and browsing data categorized by how users arrived at your site, whether by search engine, external site, or other point of origin. By comparing this data along multiple axes such as by month, season, or year, we can visualize user behavior. We assess the shifting numbers to determine what visitors are interested in, analyze what they are looking for, and discuss it in meetings.

  • アクセス解析レポートWeb Analyze Report
  • 課題案1Proposal 1
  • 課題案2Proposal 2
Management without assessment
of access numbers
All you can do is wait for users to
discover your site by happenstance.
You cannot interpret your visitors’ attributes.
You cannot draw out users’ interest or remain in their minds.
Inquiries will remain extremely low.
Management with assessment
of access numbers
You can take initiative to draw
in first-time users.
Your targeted demographic will visit your site.
You can draw the attention of prospective customers.
You can increase inquiries month by month.

If you already have a homepage, we will begin work on improving it by looking at the data.
You can expect to see growth in your business through our analysis of numbers
from a variety of different sources and our repeated testing of hypotheticals based on theory.


We meet with the goal of improving sites based on access reports. In conference with our clients and with reference to practical changes in business, we formulate clear strategies about such things as how often to update the site and how far in advance to announce upcoming events.


We formulate practical strategies that fit with each client’s case
that are not one-sided recommendations but instead built through deliberation as a team with our client.

Basic Meeting Course

STEP 01Analyze the current state of the homepage.
STEP 02Formulate a strategy for attracting customers on the internet.
STEP 03- What information needs to be updated?
- Define methods for management.

Repeated meetings allow us to improve the accuracy of marketing.
We also frequently formulate hypotheses regarding the market over the internet,
making it easier to produce new initiatives and accelerate business development.

Site ImprovementIMPROVEMENT

ARTORY implements the internet strategies decided at meetings. We implement measures that will improve site results, such as reinforcing links from highly accessed pages to other pages and initiatives for SEO measures, and we improve the site at the level of systems design. We also measure efficacy following improvements and validate any changes in the next month’s access analysis.


Our company has an integrated internal structure to maintain a rapid cycle of PDCA for improvement.
Our consultants direct improvement while endeavoring for ever-firmer coordination.

EXAMPLEAn actual example




  • 01To increase browsing opportunities for the overall inventory page, establish a flow towards the inventory list.
  • 02Establish a flow that encourages new visitors’ awareness of products and services.
  • 03Place logos of third-party certification institutions to provide customers with a feeling of security when making inquiries.
  • 04Improve colors and texts on flows to improve visibility.
  • 05Place buttons that encourage clicks by users who have viewed entire pages.

By repeating examinations of hypotheticals each month, we develop your site to bring you exceptional results. It is important to make small incremental improvements towards the accomplishment of mid- and long-term goals.


Access Analysis Plan

¥ 30,000 / mon

Each month, we submit an access report and discuss the status of and challenges facing your site by phone. Recommended for those who wish to keep track of the status of their website.

Site Improvement

Site Improvement Plan

¥ 60,000 / mon

Each month, we discuss the status of and challenges facing your site by phone and implement improvements involving its development at a flat rate. Recommended for those who wish to make routine updates to their website.

Site Improvement

Consulting Plan

¥ 70,000 / mon

We meet with you each month to cover access reports. Recommended for those who are seeking consultation on web advertising and strategies for attracting customers that make use of IT. Estimates are given each time for website improvements.

Site Improvement


¥ 120,000 / mon

This plan combines our consulting plan with website improvements. Recommended for those who wish to put together a strong site improvement team.

Site Improvement

BUSINESS AREACorresponding area

We work with clients nationwide

To expand customers’ choices and support speedy business development even for clients in remote areas, ARTORY conducts meetings using Skype. To build a stronger partnership, we visit our clients for first meetings. We accept requests from anywhere in the nation—please feel free to give us a call!

Please feel free to contact us.

ARTORY supports the
administration of your

If you’re interested, we offer a single access analysis report (¥30,000 value) as a gift. We’ll give advice concerning challenges that your homepage faces and methods for improvement. You can feel free to experience the services offered by IPNIR.

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