"Achieving Objectives
through Strategic
Website Design"

We create optimal designs for people and search engines through four theories to yield results.


Strategic design that is geared to the objective of leading your targets to the relevant goals

Design is not just about style. If your website is your first point of contact with your customers, you need to grab their hearts with the first page they open in order to turn visitors into potential customers. Therefore, every page needs to be strategized, and to be published in perfect condition. Design equals strategy, and marketing.

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The Four Essential Pillars of Website Design

ARTORY's website designs are created to meet standards from four different perspectives: "Branding", "Information Design", "Usability", and "Excitement". By designing according to a design theory, we can generate a strategic design that is geared to achieving your objectives.



Clarifying the "Name"
through design

The more a company or product is recognized, the more varied the images that it garners from the public. Since "recognition = having an image", having a large number of users with a superior image will give you an advantage in terms of sales promotion. However, if the image is questionable, it might not lead to sales. So, what if the seller set up a targeted "image"? Branding is about strategically designing an image. It is a way of creating a "Name" that can improve the value of the company or the product.

If your branding is insufficient

If you attract customers without branding, you can be dragged into a price war. Relying on discounts to attract customers will lower your profit margin, and make it difficult to spend more on sales promotion. In addition, no advertising will mean less contact with new users, which will have an impact on overall sales volume. Branding is a strategy that requires time and money. However, once your brand is established, you will be able to open up new markets through your unique strengths without competing in terms of prices or services. This will actually contribute to revenue both in terms of longevity and stability.

STRUCTUREInformation design based on an
understanding of website structure


Designing mechanisms
for the website

Since the website exists on the Internet, every page is a potential rendezvous point with your users. It is also a platform that allows the execution of actions that link directly to sales, starting from "contact", to "member registration", and leading all the way to "purchasing". Given the possibility of setting up these numerous scenarios, a website design that is full of mechanisms to move users is absolutely essential.

Users will visit your website for various reasons and through various triggers. Information must be designed in the same way that different approaches are used for different target customer groups. Information design that is capable of tailoring the approach based on user attributes is key to winning customers.


How websites differ from books and TV

How do websites differ from media such as books and TV? They are functional media. If each button looks catchy, new users will be able to manipulate the screen intuitively, and enjoy the information experience. We need to design for ease of use by users in the same way as, say, the driving seat of a car or the cockpit of an airplane. Usability means a design that enables smooth communication between the website and the user, and is a mechanism that is essential to communicating information.


A design that excites users

The most important point in marketing is to give users a sense of anticipation that excites them. Words may be sufficient to communicate the message, but it is the heart that moves people to act. The ultimate purpose of design is to get users to experience excitement that moves them. Why not let ARTORY help you to create a design that will excite your users?

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To expand customers’ choices and support speedy business development even for clients in remote areas, ARTORY conducts meetings using Skype. To build a stronger partnership, we visit our clients for first meetings. We accept requests from anywhere in the nation—please feel free to give us a call!

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Adding strategy and
marketing to
website design.

We will produce designs that are geared for marketing, from overhauling websites to banners for attracting customers.
Please do not hesitate to consult us if you feel that your design needs a strategy.

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