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“Effectively appeal to
your target audience”

We establish the 2 essential media environments for customer acquisition
and develop an ad strategy with high-quality content.

We build up the 2 essential
needed to attract customers

Today's consumers are able to access all kinds of information via the Internet at any time, from anywhere.
As the market scale expands rapidly, it is necessary to match this growth with an
online customer acquisition strategy in order to secure new market shares.
In order to successfully attract customers in today's Internet society,
it is necessary to consider all strategies in terms of "content" and "marketing".

2 essential media
environments needed to
attract customers

ふたつのメディア ふたつのメディア

Users on the Internet exist in various "external media" such as search engines, social media, portal sites, etc.
Inviting those users to visit "internal media" is the fundamental principle of "marketing".
As a user browses through internal media content, they become interested in the products and become a customer.
Increasing the number of potential customers by promoting brand recognition and awareness on external media
and driving demand for your products through high-quality content are the fundamental premises of web marketing.

About the service

CONTENTInternal media and
"creating demand"

Content is an essential tool in internal media for inciting the user's interest.
You can further arouse a potential customer's interest by promoting multiple appealing aspects
of your products or services, rather than promoting just one aspect.


Content can be categorized into 4 main groups: "entertainment", "influence", "education", and "understanding". The effectiveness of this content will depend on the user's level of interest. From attention-grabbing content in the initial discovery stage, to the content that gives the final push at the purchasing stage, it is important to effectively arrange content in order to gradually build up your appeal.

The example of contents
which ARTORY is creating


Landing page

The landing page expresses the message and theme you wish to convey in a single vertically-arranged page. With a landing page, you can create interest within your target audience in a straightforward manner. By narrowing down the area, age, and other criteria that you want to target with advertisements and creating opportunities for user interaction on your landing page, you can expect to improve your customer inquiry rate.

WorksPlanning / Composition / Design / Coding
Webマガジン 記事

Web magazine

In order to create opportunities with potential customers on the web, it is important to increase visits to your site through the use of search keywords related to your products and services. Increasing the number of articles on your site will increase the number of pages that are linked in search engine search results, so continually adding new content will lead to an increase in access to your site. Furthermore, consistently adding meaningful content will turn site users (readers) into your fans, leading to purchases, further reach via word of mouth, and the acquisition of even more potential customers.

Budget5,000yen~10,000yen / each
メールマガジン 記事

Email newsletter

Sending email newsletters is said to be one of the oldest web marketing tactics. However, even as new marketing methods continue to join the stage, the importance of email newsletters has not changed. Sending information directly to your list of subscribed users via email allows potential customers to be converted into buying customers.

WorksDesign / Coding
Budget5,000yen〜20,000yen / each

Social media video

By creating short videos under 1 minute in length to use as advertisements, you can share even more information with users than would be possible with typical banner ads. You can expect high click rates by uploading to platforms such as YouTube and other social media sites, and it is possible to make videos that meet each of your objectives, such as increasing recognition, promoting sales, and business branding.

WorksPlanning / Composition / Writing / Movie
Budget35,000yen / each

White papers

By recording useful information regarding solutions to potential customers' problems in white papers, you can incite interest in your products and services. As customers enter information on the web, you can compile that data into lists in order to improve sales promotion activity down the road.

Budget20,000yen / each

MARKETINGExternal media and
"increasing recognition"

The main job of the content is to appeal to the reader, but you cannot acquire new customers through content alone.
Through external media marketing, it becomes possible to deliver content to the user.



Increase your rank in
search results

SEO means Search Engine Optimization and consists of various actions that are taken to achieve a high ranking in search results on websites such as Yahoo! and Google. By raising your search result ranking, your website will be seen by more users, directly impacting the growth of your business.


Listing adsLISTING

Ads which readily lead
to purchases

Listing ads are ads that appear in search engines such as Yahoo! and Google when corresponding search term keywords are included in the user's search query. Because users are already looking for information pertaining to the keywords they have searched, this is an effective method to reach customers who are ready to make a purchase.


Display adsDISPLAY

Increases opportunities to
gain exposure to many users

Display ads are images or video ads embedded in web pages that invite the viewer to click them. The goals of these ads are to gain exposure to large amounts of users, and to have these users visit your website. These ads can be either graphic ads or plain text ads, and there are many different sizes and types of ads that can be deployed simultaneously.



Publish ads to
specified audiences

These are ads that are published to social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Ads are displayed along with posts from the user's friends, so there are many opportunities for your ad to be seen, and you are also able to track the user's reaction to your ad. In addition, it is possible to specify the target audience for your ad through settings such as age, sex, location, interests, etc. Because of this, social media ads can be targeted more precisely than other types of ads.


Email newsletterMAIL MAGAZINE

Build communication with
your potential customers

Email newsletters are email messages that are sent directly to a previously prepared list of email addresses on a regular basis. The ability to send emails directly to a user makes this a uniquely personal method of marketing. By sending these newsletters regularly, you will be able to steadily build up the user's interest over time.

BUSINESS AREACorresponding area

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