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"To freely develop the
system you imagined"

Realize your vision and expand your business possibilities with original PHP+MySQL web development.


We'll use our original development scheme to support your business with strengths your competitors lack

Artory has developed numerous systems specialized for the web, such as portal sites, social media platforms, and online payment systems. The unique framework we have created is "100% made by Artory." We've developed everything from square one, so we know every feature of the system like the backs of our hands.

Flexibly perfecting the system you envision is a given, but we have also focused on development speed so we can offer you a no-frills, low cost development scheme. With no restrictions on specifications, we can deliver order-made systems with surprising speed and complete flexibility. This is what Artory does best, and it is our goal to be the kind of business partner you can trust with updates even after your system is complete.


ARTORY's original speed and development cost specialized PHP+MySQL framework "GEPARD"

We began developing the original PHP+MySQL framework "Gepard" because speedy development has been demanded of us throughout our history. Gepard has since evolved to make faster development possible.
Gepard is made up of the Gepard engine, the "brain" that operates applications, along with a framework equipped with various functional parts grouped by blocks according to purpose. In addition, we do custom development to fit your project in order to achieve your goal quickly and at low cost. Development projects demand speed and flexibility, and the Gepard framework is the fastest big cat available for the job.

Examples of sites developed
with the Gepard framework


Happy Walk

Web Media

A media site that provides information related to living in the Tokai region. It is designed with pinned articles for 6 areas (Kasugai, Ichinomiya, Gifu City, Midori-ku, Oguchi, and Oharu) based on Google map addresses. Visitors can browse "gourmet," "leisure," and "living" information for each area.


Aiseki NAVI

Portal Site

Aiseki Navi is a portal site with information on restaurants where people can sit with strangers. "Aiseki" ("sitting with strangers") is a matchmaking trend that recently started in Nagoya, and this website aims to spread the trend among young people to make drinking parties in Nagoya more meaningful. Restaurants listed on Aiseki Navi can post their numbers of customers in real time to encourage people to come in.


About our services

  • Leave the specifications to us
  • Support from the planning stage
  • Fast development speed
  • Smooth system expansion
  • We also do large scale development

Even if you're not familiar with IT or technology, you can consult with us with ease.
Based on our rich experience, we will not only design specifications with usability in mind,
but also provide business model advice from a technological perspective
and work with you as partners in charge of the system development at the core of your project.

ARTORY will always put your business first as we lead the progress of your project.
In the budget area, we can also propose the necessary cost-effective features to fit the growth of your service
and minimize the financial risk of your project. If you have any dormant IT business ideas or projects
you'd like to manage on the cloud, please feel free to discuss them with us.


EXAMPLEExamples of applications we can develop


Cloud management

Use an entry flow that fits your business to help you work more efficiently. Designate rights to different users and choose what information to share with them, or calculate totals, create graphs, issue reports, and uniformly manage everything based on your entered data.


Online shops

Include a wide variety of features from shopping carts, member registration, inventory and order management, and credit card payments to regular purchases and bulk purchases.


Matching sites

Perform various searches to match people with people, or people with services or companies. You can also include features like paid membership and messaging, and integrate the site with Facebook so friends are not displayed.


Media sites

Create content quickly with these sites that have the feel of blogs and can be easily updated. The content you create is converted to an SEO-friendly internal structure before publication.


Reservation systems

Receive online reservations 24 hours, and manage customer reservations through a management interface. You can also limit the number of people per reservation for different time slots based on locations, menu selections, and available staff numbers.


Sales tools

Improve sales efficiency and business performance through real time, uniform management of sales trends and client lists. The sales results you enter can be categorized by industry and time for the purpose of totals and analyses.



Easily update the content built into your website through a management interface. Create a lively website with news, achievements, digests, and customer feedback to promote your company or service to the world.


Social networking services

Help membership registration go smoothly by using social logins from Facebook, Twitter, or LINE accounts. Add "Like" and "Tweet" buttons to provide channels that make it easy for your users to share your website.


Marketing automation tools

Approach clients with the right content at the right time, in a way that fits the cultivation process of each user, by familiarizing yourself with the tendencies of people who visit your homepage or service website.

BUSINESS AREACorresponding area

We work with clients nationwide

To expand customers’ choices and support speedy business development even for clients in remote areas, ARTORY conducts meetings using Skype. To build a stronger partnership, we visit our clients for first meetings. We accept requests from anywhere in the nation—please feel free to give us a call!

Please feel free to contact us.

We develop everything
from cloud services to
web services.

As business becomes more IT-oriented, the speed of companies is accelerating.
We will discuss with you to reach the ideal proposal for your situation, so please feel free to inquire with us.

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