Utilizing the knowledge and techniques that
we have cultivated since our founding, we will continue
to strive to serve a purpose to society and to you all.

It has been 7 years since ARTORY was founded, and we enter our 6th year as a corporation. In the future, we will refine the knowledge and techniques we have cultivated since the founding of our business and strive to serve a purpose to society and to you all. The foundational principle of Artory is to celebrate life, which also means making the world more and more enjoyable. This does not refer to enjoyment for the ego only and is not a principle that is just a facade. By taking pride in being professionals and seriously embarking on media and services being planned by ourselves and our clients' businesses, we strongly believe in our ability to create value in various parts of society. Our dream is for the world to develop into a more enjoyable place, and we hope to continue to work hard to be a company that can always create a fun future, no matter what. Although we are still a new company, we at Artory appreciate your continued support in advance.

Chief Executive Officer Josuke Sato